Julie Down
Julie Down is an energy channel and practical mystic bridging heaven and earth, divinity and humanity promoting a sense of wholeness and well-being. Combining your intentions and divine energy to create lasting transformation.
the triad of evolution

Julie Down creates and holds a container of some of the most powerful and alchemizing light frequencies that I have experienced. The column of radiant light that she held around me during our many sessions in meditation allowed me to quickly release densities from my body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
- Brooklin

Release what no longer serves you

We all have experienced disappointments and hurts through growing up as well as through our karmic makeup.  We made decisions and created beliefs about ourselves and others that we carry into our adult lives. These decisions and beliefs, though unconsciously made, impact how we interact with others now, including how we form relationships, and the current choices we make.

When one goes into reaction unconsciously to events in life and that lasts longer than 20-30 minutes, it’s likely that a childhood wound has been triggered. This often results in these old decisions or beliefs to become active, from places that most aren’t even aware of.

What if there is a way to dissolve those unconscious decisions and beliefs so that you can easily make the real and lasting changes you desire? That is what my coaching and energy healing is designed to do! Working with my guides, I support you to release those decisions, beliefs and densities from your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies creating more freedom to be authentic and the best version of yourself.

Change your story. Change your life.

I genuinely must say that as spiritual guide, Julie Down has really been a sunshine in my life. She has really been the only one that it’s been able to quiet my loud colorful mind. Her magical meditations, along with her gentle Voice and loving words, have finally led me into the silence of my peaceful heart. - Shuni

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

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