About Julie

Julie Down is an energy channel who creates a sacred space for healing and transformation. She conveys the cosmic languages of Christ Consciousness and the original sounds of God activating the etheric fields of all life forms, bringing them into divine harmony, equilibrium, and heart coherence. She engulfs the planet with golden white light supporting humanity’s shift into unity consciousness.

Working with Higher Dimensional Beings of Light, as she has through her many incarnations, Julie repatterns people, connecting them with source energy, severing their ties to lower vibrational frequencies, as well as activating their Divine blueprints, and giving them greater awareness of their gifts and talents – all for the greater good.

In addition to the area of personal growth and transformation, Julie found success in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, allowing her to truly understand and appreciate the daily tensions and stresses that can come with excelling in these roles. She worked in corporate finance for American Express, Schwab, and SuperCuts. As an entrepreneur, she founded and later sold Truly Julie’s, one of the earliest companies to distribute fresh soups to grocery stores. She is also a licensed commercial real estate agent, holding a BS in Accounting from USC and an MBA from the Stern School of Business, NYU.

Julie’s wisdom and experience enlightens each coaching and energy healing session, creating a safe space to work through and transform deep-seated issues.

I feel like a kindred spirit to Julie. Our paths our similar, and I felt an immediate love, admiration and connection to her. Julie is a joy to be around and an inspiration to all she comes in contact with. She definitely has touched my heart and spirit in a huge way.
- Sue

My Journey

My journey as an energy channel began several years ago upon the examination of the condition of my life.

I had done everything I was supposed to do—everything I thought I was supposed to do but felt very unfulfilled.

Married, (and Divorced) Successful in Business and Entrepreneurship

Yet, I knew I couldn’t live ONE more day with things the way they were.

What I saw when I looked at my life—my careers and relationships—I found that the only consistent element in all of it was me: my attitude, my approach to life, and my way of thinking. I was the common denominator of my unhappiness. I knew to create real change, I needed to unwrap my patterns and beliefs as well as heal my childhood wounds to have the life I wanted to live.

With this realization came several years working on my personal growth and transformation to live more consciously, authentically and to learn how to love myself. I studied with a wide variety of “gurus” whose life work is focused around developing a meaningful inner life by cleaning the filter through which we view the world. By letting go of grief and disappointment, my healing expanded exponentially, and my childhood patterns and beliefs started to change. By learning to let go of expectations of what my life should be and forgiving myself for my past, I have created space for peace, love, and joy in my life.

My goal is to pass on what I have learned through my own self-exploration to assist others in releasing any life energy that is blocking their spiritual progress, knowing that this work is to support them to find peace, love, and joy for themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

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Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

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