Creating Ceremonies

Ceremonies are used extensively by indigenous communities worldwide to create a major shift in their lives or in the lives of their community members.  They are used for either sending out prayers or asking for healing. It is all about intention whereby the ceremony becomes the symbol of that intention.

Step 1: It is important when creating ceremonies to create a sacred space to perform your ceremony. This can be done through setting up an altar that you place beautiful objects on; flowers, crystals, pictures, stones, incense to name a few. Anything that supports you in creating a sacred state of consciousness and reflects what you want to manifest into your life or to heal.

If you’re interested in manifesting a new relationship put romantic items on your altar so that you can feel the love and connectedness that you want to create and experience in the relationship you want to manifest.

If you’re interested in healing something in your life whether it is a physical healing or an emotional one, put items on your altar that express you in your wholeness and the light and love that you are as well as the joy you’d feel if what you wanted healed was healed.

It is important when you are asking for more gifts to come into your life to express gratitude for all the positive things already present in your life.

Step 2. Prepare yourself by sitting in silence, meditating or cleansing yourself by burning some sage, sweetgrass, palo santo or any other incense in order to bring you into the present moment and away from your everyday reality.

Step 3. Decide which element; fire, water, wind or earth you’d like to use to transmute the energy and to ask for healing or to manifest a desire. Write down your intention or blow it into something from nature.

I particularly like to use fire as a way of transmuting energy and to facilitate my prayers being taken into another dimension; but other elements you can use are:

Set your intention and repeat it to yourself several times. 

Examples are below:

  • I am in a loving, committed, long term relationship with my beloved, best friend and life partner,
  • I have wonderful loving and mutual friendships.
  • I am working in a job that I truly love. I feel so valued and appreciated. 
  • I have vibrant good health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and am able to participant in all the activities I enjoy doing.

Release it all to the element you’ve chosen.  Once you’ve repeated your intention several times and feel complete with the process, sit in silence expressing gratitude for your ability to transmute the energy.

Once the ceremony is complete, I recommend that you repeat a mini version of the ceremony by repeating the affirmation or intention 3 times, 3 times a day for 7 days.

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

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