The Power of Our Words

We can be so cavalier with our choice of words and do not really understand the power of our words.  We believe that if we exaggerate or tell ego lies, an exaggeration that feeds our egos, it will make our story more interesting or will rally support around us at a time of blaming another for the situation we find ourselves in.  Unfortunately, we do not realize the impact those words have on the world around us.  We all have emotions, and it is important to express them…. but HOW we do it is key.

How can we create peace in the world when our language is so violent or full of drama which creates separateness? Think about phrases you hear so often…

  • beats me
  • getting away with murder
  • that kills me
  • broken heart
  • stabbed in the back
  • screwed me over
  • killing me softly
  • that really burned me

…when truly none of those violent physical actions has actually happened?

If on the other hand, we spoke the truth without exaggerating or embellishing, it may not be as dramatic. But the reality is…. To live a truly authentic life, we need to stop spewing negative or violent energy into the world through our spoken words.

According to some quantum physicists we are 95% energy and 5% matter.

Since we are mostly energy, by using violent words or exaggerating negative emotions, we will inevitably attract more violence, negativity and drama into our lives.

Daily Practice:

As you go through your day, be aware of your choice of words.

  • Are you exaggerating to be more dramatic or to feed your ego?
  • Are they empowering, blaming or violent?

If yes to either, think of other word choices that are more empowering and truthful, words that more accurately depict or explain the situation.

Also notice the choice of words spoken to you by those around you.

  • How do you feel after hearing them?  
  • Are they empowering or do they create fear and separateness?  
  • Do they zap your energy or enlive you?

If you find that they zap your energy or create fear and separateness, you may want to consider whether it is in your best interest to continue to hang out with the people involved or limit the amount of time you spend with them in the future.

Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

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Dissolve your unconscious beliefs and make the lasting changes you desire.

Start with a sample meditation

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